Super Mario Forever

Super Mario Forever

Mario Forever is the sequel of the Mario Bros. saga

Mario Forever is the sequel of the Mario Bros. saga.
This polish game is a continuation of Mario Bros. and SuperMario, those Konami games that were originated by the game Donkey Kong.

In this game you need to go through a lot of screens, avoiding dangers and enemies, and collecting gold coins, till you finish your mission.

You control Mario, the main character, using the cursor keys to go right or left, and the Z key to jump.

You can kill enemies landing over their heads (sometimes more than once), or hit special bricks with your head to get some coin, liberate and enemy or put it over its back. Avoid falling in the holes, or being caught by any enemy.

In this story, you´re Mario the plumber, who has arrived Toadstown to liberate its inhabitants from the evil reptile Koopa, that´s invading them.

The game has included a different version of the game, Mario Minix.

As you advance through the different levels (named worlds), things get harder, till you get to fight with Koopa in person.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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