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Mario Forever is the sequel of the Mario Bros. saga
Question by Guest
October 15, 2015

I beat 2-14 and went to World 3 then shut the game off to do some work. When I came back to play I was back in World 2 and there is no way for me to get back to World 3. Is there some trick I am missing or is this a bug? Please help me I love this game and want to keep playing. Thank you.

Answer by Alex Urbach

This issue doesn't appear anywhere (forums, websites, YouTube walkthroughs) which means the save is corrupted, or you forgot to save the game when you entered World 3. Go through the last stage of World 2 and save immediately when you enter the World 3 and that's it.

If you have believe it's a bug, locate the Save Game and move it immediately to another place then reinstall it and copy the Save Games back.

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